“Saving 20 Gallons Every Day”

 The New Music Video

We all need to learn how to Save Water, and to remember to do it Every Day! With this new song and dance video, it’s simple to remember to wash your hair with a five minute shower”, “brush your teeth with the faucet off”, and much more.

ZunZun is a performing arts group that celebrates the environment and cultures of the Americas through music.  They specialize in creating memorable, easy to use songs and movements to celebrate and educate about water. These videos have been tested and refined over years of shows and  school assemblies throughout California which reach 100,000 children annually.

Saving Water is easy when you remember these dance moves and math!


“H2O Go With The Flow” – A Music Video


These music videos for students and teachers are part of a series of songs and dances about important water issues such as protecting the watershed and water conservation. The videos support state education standards in water education and supplement conservation goals of water agencies. Each song highlights easy to use movements that can be used as transitions between subjects for teachers, for physical education activities, and as models for water based curriculum.  Music, Dance, and Water Conservation lessons reach the classrooms that seem to have very little time for subjects outside of standardized tests.

All videos utilize multimodal learning (movement, visuals, music, language). The Accompanying Questions in English and Spanish  integrate the videos into basic science curricula currently in use and encourage discussion and problem solving.

H2O Go With The Flow.”  It’s unique, highly participatory, fun, and covers important topics in water education.

“H2O Go With The Flow”,

  • Provides water awareness information in a fun, active, multi-modal format (watershed, properties of water, water cycle).
  • Provides teachers with a movement activity to be used throughout the year. (physical education, creative arts)
  • Provides a starting point for discussion about important water issues. (droughts, water conservation, clean watershed)
Alameda County, Marin County and other Water Districts have used this video very successfully by providing copies to teachers to use in the classroom.  Along with movement education,“Saving 20 gallons Every Day” and “H2O Go With The Flow” builds skills and competence in:
  • Physical Education
  • Math
  • Science
  • Language Arts
This  is wonderful TBL (total body learning), with a combination of audio, text, and movement reinforcing the message and introducing new vocabulary The CD includes a Spanish-language version of the songs, which is a great aid for English-language learners.


Produced by:

  • Raindancer Media
  • ZunZun
  • Earth Links Inc.

Supported by:

  • Three Americas, Inc.